The Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) of the School of Law, Makerere University in collaboration with the Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC) will produce a special edition of the East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights (EAJPHR). The East African Journal for Peace and Human Rights (EAJPHR) is an international, peer-reviewed, bi-annual scholarly publication of the Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) of the School of Law, Makerere University. The Journal aims to stimulate research and thinking on contemporary governance issues, problems, challenges and policies. Its primary aim is to provide a platform to scholars, practitioners and activists in the fields of Human rights, Constitutional law, Rule of Law, among others, to share knowledge and experiences.

In recent years in Uganda, there have been increasing levels of militarisation manifested in various forms across different sectors of the society. While there has been consensus among development partners on the importance of building strong state institutions, including the military, as part of peacebuilding efforts, qualitative democratic change has been harder to achieve and is still a challenge in academic debates (Paris and Sisk, 2009; Chandler, 2012). Although military control over resources and implementation can be regarded in some contexts as a step towards achieving development, it may also undermine a country’s economic performance and could lead to increased instability, particularly in developing countries, where the oversight of military budgets and activities remains extremely opaque (Transparency International, 2011).

This journal issue seeks to showcase reflective academic commentary on the experiences of utilising a militarised approach as a strategic lead in Uganda’s development and how this is linked to SDG 16 on security, peace, development and strong institutions. It aims to highlight recent trends, practices and emerging issues in the area of militarisation in Uganda.

We are therefore inviting abstracts for submissions in the form of articles, original research and analytical case reviews with the goal ofproducing a critical assessment on the role of the military in Uganda’s development. Papers examining the role of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces in regional and national stability as well as national elections are also welcome.

The word limit for the abstracts is between 250-500 words and should comply with the following;

  1. Be submitted in English;
  2. Include a title of the article/ commentary;
  3. Give a short description of the topic (background and summary of the problem; verview of the issue to be explored) and proposed solution/expected findings;
  4. Be concise, informative and complete
  5. Attach a brief Bio of the contributor including contact details.

Interested authors should submit their abstracts to the following address not later than 10th November 2022.

Dr. Zahara Nampewo                                                       Dr. Sylvie Namwase
Managing Editor                                                                Post Doctoral Researcher
East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights     Human Rights & Peace Centre
Email:                           Email:

Download a copy of this call here.

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