The Human Rights and Peace Center (HURIPEC), a semi-autonomous department of the School of Law, Makerere University will be hosting a National Platform Meeting under the auspices of its Transparency and Accountability of Covid – 19 Resources (TACOR) project – an academic – led effort (that started in April 2022) to bolster citizen engagement and (to) promote accountability in the use of public resources, and increase the capacity of Parliament to defend people’s interests in times of crises. The project is inspired by HURIPEC’s recognition that “transparency and accountability of public resources in Uganda and beyond remains an important priority and a focus of democracy and human rights scholarship”.

The meeting is a continuation of the engagements that the department has continued to have with legislators under the TACOR project. The other engagements include among others engagements at the launch of the event in Parliament in May, and the two budget review meetings that have so far been carried out under the project.

It is hoped that from the meeting, HURIPEC will consolidate on the gains that have been made from the previous engagements with several stakeholders on the conversation of COVID – 19 funds and spending as well as harness lessons and opportunities that the pandemic presents to shape current and future emergency responses. HURIPEC will also be able to share key evidence – based findings on COVID resource management across the country, and using those findings to draw “feasible strategies for (the) implementation of parliament resolutions and decisions on COVID – 19 inquiries…” that have been conducted.

Among the invited guests of the meeting are key national actors including the Members of Parliament, Civil Society Organizations working on policy and accountability, members of the academia, donors and other development partners.

The activity is scheduled to take place on the 4th November 2022, at the Makerere Senate Building Level 4 (Conference Hall), Makerere University, Kampala, starting at 8:30 am.

The meeting will be streamed on a number of online platforms whose links shall be shared examining the theme “Enabling Accountability of COVID – 19 Resources Through Execution of Existing Parliamentary Mechanisms”.

For any inquiries and reservations, kindly contacts Jackson Odong on +256 392 592 400 or via email

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