The Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) invites the general public to two guest lectures by Professor Ole Wæver at Makerere University. Ole Wæver is a Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, founder of CAST (Centre for Advanced Security Theory) and Director of CRIC (Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts).

Professor Wæver coined the concept of ‘securitization’ and co – developed what is known as the Copenhagen School in security studies. Beyond security theory, his research interests include climate change, conflict analysis/resolution, the history and sociology of the international relations discipline, philosophy of science, sociology of science, religion in international affairs, politics of technology and conceptual history speech act theory.

The first guest lecture titled “International Peace and Security. A world Analysis” will focus on global security dynamics before and after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and will take place on 14th November 2022 (Monday), from 9:00am to 11:00am, at Lecture Room 2, School of Social Sciences, College of Humanities (CHUSS), Makerere University. This lecture was organised by the masters students of CHUSS, and will not be open to the public.

Guest Lecture on International Peace and Security. A World Analysis

According to the Professor, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raises questions of both what global structure enabled the war and the effects of the war on the global constellation of regions and powers. He will be presenting an attempt at analyzing the current structure of global security according to “regional security complex theory” that was originally published in the 2003 book “Regions and Powers”.

The second guest lecture titled “Security Theory and Securitization” will focus on security theory and securitization beginning by asking the question “what is security?”. It will take place on 16th November 2022 (Wednesday), from 4:30PM to 7:00PM at the Lower Lecture Theatre, School of Law, Makerere University. This will be open to the public.

This discussion will focus on a debate over narrow and wide concepts of security to various concrete threats that are handled as security threats. It will be followed by discussions about what is at stake when some challenges are lifted above national politics as questions of necessity and survival and will also touch upon global security dynamics on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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