Baraza is the Kiswahili word meaning ‘dialogue’ and is part of a series of meetings on issues of governance, conflict and its resolution, human rights and democratic practice, introduced by HURIPEC as part of its Rights, Governance and Democracy Project.  The HURIPEC Baraza is organized on a regular basis, and focuses on major constitutional developments in Uganda and East Africa generally.  The objective of these dialogues is to provide stakeholders with a permanent platform for interrogating major constitutional and human rights developments that arise in Uganda specifically and within the East African region in general.  The outcome of these dialogues is posted on the HURIPEC website and is disseminated and shared with Government(s) and other key stakeholders to inform their decision making processes.  The dialogues also equip the public with information to demand accountability from the government.  Reports from the past Barazas are available for download.

  • Baraza Report for  10TH August, 2006  under the double theme ‘The Role of the General Court Marshal (GCM) in the Administration of Criminal Justice in Uganda and the Right to a Speedy Trial Before the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).’  The two papers presented at this BARAZA namely;

    1. The Trials and Tribulations of Rt. Col. Dr. Kiiza- Besigye & 22 Others: Re-Evaluating the Role of the General Court Marshal in Administration of Criminal Justice in Uganda’ and

    2. From Protection To Violation? Analyzing the Right to A Speedy Trial At The Uganda Human Rights Commission’, have since been published into HURIPEC Working Papers available under the Publications Template for download.

  • Baraza Report for 30TH, June, 2006 held at Hotel Equatorial, Kampala, under the theme ‘Buganda’s Quest for Federo; a Right to Self Governance or Buganda Nationalism? Implications for Peace and Stability in Uganda.’

  • Baraza Report for 26TH, April, 2006 held at the Faculty of Law, Makerere University, under the theme ‘The Implications of the Supreme Court Ruling in the Presidential Election Petition No. 1/ 2006 on the Future of Democracy, Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Uganda.