The Road to 2016: Citizens’ Perception on Uganda’s 2016 Elections


The Road to 2016: Citizens’ Perception on Uganda’s 2016 Elections, a report of the fact finding mission that was conducted by Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) and Kituo Cha Katiba (KcK )


This report of a fact finding mission to ascertain perceptions of Ugandans on the 2016 elections in terms of preparedness, free and fairness. The mission was conducted from 2th to 26th August 2015 in Kampala, Uganda under the auspices of the Human Rights and Peace

Centre (HURIPEC), School of Law Makerere University and the Eastern Africa Centre for Constitutional Development: Kituo Cha Katiba (KcK). The mission was part of a bigger project entitled “The Citizen Perceptions on Uganda’s Forthcoming 2016 Elections Project” that seeks to provide a critical assessment and evaluation of the pre-election conditions and the potential contribution of the 2016 election to Uganda’s democratization process. The project was developed against the backdrop of Uganda’s history of electoral violence, militarization, and the growing divisiveness in the country, which have all created   anxiety as to whether the 2016 elections will be peaceful, credible, free and fair.

The specific objectives of the fact –finding mission are:

  1. To provide a forum for Ugandans to air out their views on various key issues relating to elections in general and the upcoming 2016 general elections in particular.
  2. To initiate dialogue with key stakeholders with varied interests and views in Uganda on the key governance and human rights issues that will influence the upcoming 2016 elections and recommended measures to ensure peaceful elections.
  3. To examine the relevance of citizens as bearers of rights in elections in Uganda.
  4. To provide up-to-date analytical information about the pre-electoral process.

The fact finding mission is one of four components of the project. The others are: a Survey on citizen’s perceptions on the 2016 general election; and an East African regional experience sharing on elections.

Promote stakeholders convening for experience sharing and learning from the region; and dissemination of the Survey and Mission findings.


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