Research, Publication & Advocacy

HURIPEC carries out a wide-range of research related projects touching on various human rights issues.  The research is often published and used as outreach teaching and advocacy materials to the various stakeholders in the country.  Research projects include;

  • Governance, Democratization and Human Rights Project; With the main objectives being teaching, research, training and publications in Human Rights and Governance; stimulating debate among staff, students, and policy makers; Improving internal governance and capacity building of Makerere University staff and students. Research areas have in the past included the Situation of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples; Criminal Justice; Military Justice; Multipartism in Practice; Media Rights and Freedom of Expression and Access to Justice. Seven (7) working papers have been so far published under this research project and electronic copies are available for download.
  • Economic, Social And Cultural Rights (ESCRs); focusing on carrying out basic and policy-oriented research on the situation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCRs) in Uganda, relating in particular to the general lack of enduring developments in the area, their legal content and effect and the necessary mechanisms for their enhanced enforcement and protection. Research areas include Globalization and ESCRs in Uganda: ESCRs in Northern Uganda; HIV/AIDS and the right to healthcare; The Right to Shelter/Housing; Education: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary; Poverty and Adequate Living Standards and the Question of Water. Fourteen (14) working papers researched and published under this project touching on some of the above issues are available for download in electronic format.
  • Decentralized Governance and Human Rights in Uganda; looking at enhancing access to justice through the promotion of a human rights based approach to governance, service delivery and gender relations at the local level. This has been through undertaking research on governance, human rights and access to justice, and enhanced awareness of local government officials regarding human rights.  Four (4) working papers have so far been published under this project with electronic copies available for download.
  • Debating Form And Substance In Africa’s New Governance Models; An International Workshop aimed at assessing both the success factors of political transition processes in different national contexts, and critically consider the practical obstacles that stand in the way of the realization of the often-lofty ideals embodied in those constitutional instruments.  A book has since been published under this project with various chapters by different expert scholars on governance in Africa. 
  • Examining the Nexus Between ICTs & Human Rights; At the crux of this project is investigating the nexus between ICTs and a range of critical human rights such as the question of access to information and knowledge, the right to privacy, censorship and cyber democracy, the nexus between ICTs and the rights of marginalized groups, and the right to freedom of expression.  These issues are situate within the broader framework of the context of good governance. 
  • HURIPEC Working Papers and HURIPEC Journal.The East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights (EAJPHR) Journal was initiated and is managed by HURIPEC.  HURIPEC aims at publishing and therefore augmenting availability of and accessibility to ground-breaking, excellence and peer-reviewed articles with a focal point on human rights, democratization, good governance and other aspects of international human rights law, especially in Uganda and East Africa.  HURIPEC also publishes some of the leading reference works on human rights and related aspects on a wide range of topics such as decentralized governance and human rights, economic, social and cultural rights among others.  These are published as working papers on various projects run by HURIPEC.