LLD Scholarship on Militarization, Human Rights and Development in Uganda

Applications are invited for an LLD scholarship at the Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC), School of Law, Makerere University. This scholarship is an integral part of a research project “Militarisation, sustainable growth and peace in Uganda“ implemented by HURIPEC in collaboration with the Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC), at the University of Copenhagen. The successful applicant will thus join a vibrant international research environment and enroll at the School of Law, Makerere University. The studies are expected to begin on 1 September 2019.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and administered by Danida Fellowship Centre. The rationale behind this research project is to explore the current trend of militarisation in Uganda with a threefold aim: First, to better understand the militarisation phenomenon in Uganda and to analyse its scope and consequences; second, to contribute to theoretical conceptualisations of militarisation; third, to increase the dialogue and awareness among private and public partners in Uganda about how democratic accountability, protection of rights and state-building can be strengthened in an era of militarisation.

The applicant is to independently design and propose a project for the LLD dissertation. Within the larger framework of the general project, the LLD dissertation is expected to address Ugandan military identity and practices in order to deepen the understanding of the Ugandan military as an actor and institution in the country’s development, human rights record and regional positioning.

Scope of the Scholarship
The Scholarship will cover the following;
(i) Tuition for up to four years
(ii) A generous monthly stipend for the duration of the doctoral studies.
(iii) Research period of 6 months at CRIC in Denmark
(iv) Full access to the Danish Library and other connected libraries.
(v) Extra and thorough supervisory research support from Senior academics under the project at both HURIPEC & CRIC.

Instructions for Application

We are seeking a motivated, creative and mature candidate who displays enthusiasm and good interpersonal and communication skills. Candidates with good knowledge on East Africa and fieldwork experience are preferred. Familiarity with military institutions is an added advantage. Experiences from outside the academic world will count in the evaluation process. The applicant must have a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from a recognized university.

Applicants should submit a 5 page concept note which should include key questions, theoretical framework, methodology and how your planned thesis will add to already existing research. The concept note should also comprise a preliminary bibliography and a preliminary study plan. All applications will be reviewed by an appraisal committee following which the successful application will be submitted to an expert for further assessment. The successful candidate will be asked to fulfill the admission requirements at the university before submitting a full proposal.

Assessment Criteria
The following criteria will be followed when shortlisting candidates for assessment:
1. Relevant qualifications and knowledge to the proposed area of study
2. Research qualifications relevant to the overall research project.
3. Quality and feasibility of the concept note
4. Originality and creativity of the research project.
5. Significance of the research in respect to the following issues:
(i) The special need addressed in society / discipline.
(ii) Providing a solution to an existing problem
(iii) Improvement of a critical service
(iv) Proposal for alternative best practice or cost effectiveness
(v) Contribution to a strategic goal or global issue
6. Performance (grades obtained) in graduate and post-graduate studies.

Concept notes should be submitted electronically to E-mail: znampewo@law.mak.ac.ug, together with the following;
(i) Cover Letter detailing your motivation and background for applying for the PhD programme
(ii) Workplan demonstrating ability to complete the LLD programme in less than four years
(iii) CV including list of publications, where available.
(iv) Recommendation from at least one Senior academic in a recognised institution of higher learning.
Download this notice HERE

The application must be submitted electronically. Deadline for applications: 21 June 2019.

About the implementing partner institutions
Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts, CRIC, is an interdisciplinary research centre aiming to strengthen the prevention and resolution of violent conflicts through developing analytical tools and practical techniques in collaboration with practitioners. It was originally funded for four years by the then “Danish Council for Strategic Research“ and later by the Carlsberg Foundation. More information about CRIC is available at this LINK

The Human Rights and Peace Center, HURIPEC, a semi-autonomous department under the School of Law was set up by Makerere University in 1993, as the first human rights center of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. The centre pursues a vision of contributing to the establishment of an educated, activist, academic society with a high awareness of human rights in Uganda and other countries. It has consistently engaged in events geared at promoting the understanding and respect for human rights, democratic governance and sustainable peace in the East Africa subregion specifically and Africa generally through teaching, research and outreach. See: Huripec Website

Administered by Danida Fellowship Centre
Danida Fellowship Centre administers Denmark’s support to development research and research capacity building on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.